Qualiflash®, simple, practical & effective for measuring oxides.

CTIF (French Foundry Research Center) have chosen AMF to co-redevelop a device they created some years ago: QualiFlash®.

Many foundries are concerned by oxides issues and want to be reliable on their metal quality.

For a long time, there have been few solutions to this: the K-Mold, which is a visual control is not very reliable and the Vacuum filtration test is very expensive and hard to bring into production as it is more a device for laboratory and development environments.

QualiFlash® is simple, reliable, and you can easily bring it into production.

AMF and CTIF chose to collaborate to bring it into the workshop and make it easy to use for all the foundries.

The Oxides rates measurement by QualiFlash® is based on the principle that the aluminum oxides are clogging a ceramic filter.

Operating mode: we take a sample of metal in the furnace, and you pour it into a preheated die. The metal is flowing through a calibrated ceramic filter in the bottom of the die. The more the metal contains oxides and the more these oxides will clog the filter, and then it will stop the flow of liquid aluminum. The aluminum who gets through the filter will fall into a graduate die from 0 to 10 which is giving a cleanness rate to the sample that you can compare with an abacus from CTIF depending on the alloy.

Take a look at the video below and contact us for more details.

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