Dosing and holding Furnaces from KROWN

Krown Dosing Furnace image

RAMSELL-NABER are now able to offer “DOSING FURNACES” produced by our partner  KROWN who are based in Madrid, Spain.

The KROWNMATIC is a holder and dosing furnace without a crucible. The holding chamber is heated by SiC resistance rod elements with a multifunction electronic system for dosing.

The various models of KROWNMATIC are all airtight furnaces which are designed to work under pressure. Models are available with capacities from 450kg to 4,100kg of Aluminium.

The furnaces are lined with refractory cement which is non-wetting resistant to molten Aluminum.

Thanks to the high degree of the refractory quality with correct maintenance, we can obtain a service life above 10 years.
The load system is with molten Aluminium and KROWNMATIC furnaces can be filled during the dosing cycle.

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