Energy Efficient, Temperature Accurate Crucible Gas Furnaces

A new installation of our crucible gas heated furnaces with their inbuilt digital proportional integral derivative (PID) temperature controllers, allow the molten aluminium pour temperature to be maintained at a constant level to ensure the integrity of the casting.

These furnaces also have an improved environmental and efficiency profile featuring high-grade fire bricks and microporous insulation panels to line the side walls with a graded monolithic lining mixture on the floor. They also use recuperative burners the industrial furnaces offer both environmental and efficiency improvements, by using the exhaust gas heat to pre-heat the combustion air, thus reducing energy consumption by 30 per cent.

In addition, the side walls of the furnaces are lined with high-grade fire bricks and microporous insulation panels, whilst the bottom is lined with a graded monolithic lining mixture, all designed to maximise insulation and minimise energy loss.

Full specifications:

  • Maximum furnace temperature: 1200 degrees centigrade
  • Max. power of burner: 300Kw
  • Connected power: approx. 2Kw
  • Fuel type: natural gas
  • Melting output: approx. 200kg AL/hour
  • Fuel consumption: 15kWh/hr

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