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Foundry Equipment for the Metal Casting Industry

Ramsell-Naber Ltd was founded in 1975, originally as the UK partner of a German furnace manufacturer.

Specializing in furnaces, ovens and kilns for material processing and machines for the metal working and foundry industries, the company’s name and those of its principals are synonymous with high quality and durability.

A leading supplier to the UK metal casting industry, Ramsell-Naber supplies LAC® gas and electric crucible-type furnaces for non-ferrous melting & holding, ZPF-Therm’s shaft-type aluminium melting furnaces, large holding and alloying furnaces, chip melters and charge pre-heaters and Krown dosing furnaces.

Ramsell-Naber is the distributor in the UK and Ireland for NOLTINA® brand crucibles and Aluminium Martigny France (AMF) melting fluxes and chemicals.

Ramsell-Naber represents Loramendi for the sales of foundry mould and core making machines, Colosio Srl high pressure diecasting (HPDC) machines and Molten Metal Equipment Innovations for molten metal pumps.

Ramsell-Naber’s reputation for outstanding technical sales and service support for customers both large and small has been the key to successful partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of furnaces, kilns, machines and products for many applications. The ability to understand customers’ needs and interpret these on behalf of its manufacturing principals, has enabled Ramsell-Naber to meet the expectations of both its customers and partners alike in some of the most discerning and technically demanding sectors of industry.

Take a look at a list of foundry equipment that we supply and install.

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