Furnaces and Dryers

LAC, s.r.o. based in Czech Republic, have successfully manufactured and distributed industrial furnaces, dryers and refractory concrete shapes, within the domestic and foreign market for almost three decades.

LAC products find applications in many technological heat treatment processes, namely:

  • Thermal processing of ferrous metals in metallurgy
  • Alloy technology for non-ferrous metals and thermal processing of non-ferrous metals in metallurgy
  • Low temperature
  • Laboratory
  • Industrial production of glass
  • Industrial technical ceramics
  • Heat processing for metal shaping
  • Heat treatment in welding

LAC supply for virtually all areas of heat treatment within a wide field of furnace production.

One of the main achievements of LAC is undoubtedly the ability to develop new products and technologies to offer customised applications or atypical solutions.

LAC have installed many extremely interesting devices in the automotive industry. These applications are mainly used for curing automotive lamps or car windscreen coating, heat treatment of pistons, curing plastic parts for car dashboards, heat treatment of parts of car dashboards, and many more.

LAC have become increasingly successful in achieving the confidence of demanding customers engaged in production for the aviation industry. Delivery of several large atypical furnaces used for artificial aging and annealing of aluminium profiles. Despite their relatively large internal dimensions LAC have achieved excellent temperature uniformity in these furnaces: +/- 3 °C, meeting the NADCAP conditions.

In April 2018, LAC expanded into a new production area of 8,400 m2. The larger space, especially the height, permits production of the largest types of furnaces. This new production hall has enabled effective improvements in production and opportunity to produce even better products for valued customers.

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