MMEI Circulation Pumps - Built for the Long Run

THOR circulation pump which generates more metal flow

Molten Metal Equipment Innovations (MMEI) is the leading expert in molten metal circulation, transfer, and treatment technologies. MMEI solves metal movement challenges with innovative products, an experienced sales and service team, and custom solutions to improve molten metal flow performance. With 25 years of proven applications throughout North America, Europe and Asia, MMEI provide the best possible value in custom flow solutions and support in the industry. The performance-focused culture at MMEI drives their team to help customers improve their overall metal process, save energy costs, and limit down-time

Circulation & Gas Injection Pumps

Circulates. Increases Melt Rate. Generates More Metal Flow.

Industry leading fluid-dynamic advanced rotor - pumps more metal per revolutions, generating more metal flow than others.

MMEI circulation pumps are one of the easiest and best ways to dramatically improve the productivity and efficiency of your furnace. Proven performers in even the toughest applications, our circulation pumps will increase your melt rate while reducing the energy needed to melt each pound of non-ferrous metal. As a result, you will get more productivity out of your furnace while lowering your melting costs.

Industry leading fluid-dynamic advanced rotor – Pumps more metal per revolution, generating more metal flow than others.

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Eliminate temperature stratification & hot spots in furnace
  • Increase service life – premium materials and designs that hold up in a plant environment
  • Thermal and mechanical shock properties withstand demanding environment
  • Perfect for mixing metal for fast alloying and homogenization
  • Easy to operate, build and maintain
  • Optional gas injection
  • Available in various sizes to fit your furnace

Get it right, right from the start with circulation pumps from MMEI.

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