• LAC foundry tiliting furnace
  • LAC half opened bail out
  • AMF photo flux
  • LAC furnaces and dryers
  • COLOSIO diecasting machine
  • NOLTINA Crucible
  • MMEI Pumps

About Ramsell-Naber Ltd

From its foundation in 1975, Ramsell-Naber’s business policy is to make available for manufacturing industries in the UK and Ireland, the most technologically advanced furnaces and machines from world-leading suppliers in their respective fields.

Ramsell-Naber’s portfolio includes LAC® crucible-type furnaces for melting and holding non-ferrous metals, Krown Therm shaft-type (tower) aluminium melting and holding furnaces, LAC® batch-type furnaces and continuous mesh belt conveyor and batch furnaces for hardening, tempering, carburizing, case-hardening, carbo-nitriding, stress relieving, annealing, and other metallurgical processes.

Products for the foundry industry include crucibles for non-ferrous melting applications, moulding and core-making machines, high pressure die casting machines, molten metal pumps, chemicals fluxes and degassing machines.

For more information about our partners, business sectors served, products or processes, please take a look around our website or you can make a specific enquiry, or call +44 (0)1922 455521 or email for a more general discussion. We'll be happy to help.