Aluminium Heat Treatment Furnaces from LAC's Hardening Line

KNC V Chamber furnace

Ramsell-Naber in partnership with LAC ( offer a range of furnaces suitable for the heat treatment of aluminium alloys.

The standard line includes:

  • Vertical bottom loading hardening furnace
  • Charge manipulator, including baskets
  • Furnace electrically driven on rails
  • Hardening bath
  • Line operating systems
  • Technical documentation
  • Transport, installation, operator training

The vertical hardening furnace with bottom loading consists of:

  • Forced air circulation
  • Electric or gas heating
  • Max. temperature 600 deg.c
  • High precision temperature uniformity
  • Maximum 12 second quench speed
  • Hydraulically operated door opening

The hardening bath has:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stirring of the quench medium
  • Surface height scan
  • Drain valve
  • Emergency overflow
  • Quenching medium of either water or polymer

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