• LAC

Laboratory Ovens and Furnaces

We supply a range of high temperature heat treating equipment for the lab to be used for applications such as gravimetric analysis, sintering and quantitative analysis.

Products include:

  • Box Furnaces - for use in a wide range of applications;
  • Tube Furnaces - for heating small samples without loss of temperature uniformity and allowing rapid temperature changes;
  • Muffle Furnaces - keeping the heating chamber isolated from the heat source;
  • Lab Heating and Drying Ovens - delivering consistent results;
  • Lab Vacuum Ovens - purge and release systems.

We can also supply quality used and refurbished equipment.

Like to know more about equipment and prices? You can make a specific enquiry, or call +44 (0)1922 455521 or email for a more general discussion. We'll be happy to help.